Art and Creation

Classroom modality.
(RVOE) as set forth by Ministerial Agreement No. 15018, published in the Official Journal of the Federation on November 29, 1976.

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In this program you undertake your formation in artistic creation using visual, sound, sculptural, pictorial, performing, and digital languages, among others. You acquire knowledge about curating, critiquing and analyzing art, as well as about promoting artistic work with a social perspective through collaborative processes with communities.
If you have sensitivity for art and its many manifestations, and a passion for creating, communicating, expressing or disseminating ideas and feelings through artistic languages, this program is for you.




Graduate profile

After graduating from Art and Creation, you will be capable of having your own art studio; participating in artists' collectives; collaborating with civil, private and government organizations to develop artistic projects. You will be work in art direction and curating to organize, project and monitor public or private art collections in festivals, exhibits, museums, and galleries. You will produce content for exhibitions, catalogs, print and digital media (YouTube, Instagram, web sites), editorial productions, academic spaces and other alternatives such as art formation applications and processes.


Projects of Professional Application (PAP)

The Projects of Professional Application are projects of entail with the society, proposed by the ITESO and chords to the study plan of your academic program, across which you collaborate with other students and can apply your knowledge or competitions partner - professional in a actual scene with external addressees to the university, already be communities or institutions, to raise solutions that improve the quality of life of others and reaffirm the social commitment of your profession.



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30 de November de 2020

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