Financial Management

Mixed modality.
(RVOE) as set forth by Ministerial Agreement No. 15018, published in the Official Journal of the Federation on November 29, 1976.

Your program

In Financial Management you acquire competencies for designing investment and financing strategies, maximizing the value of organizations in complex and uncertain environments. You learn to manage strategies in changing and complex financial markets for the purpose of optimizing organizations' finances and increasing their capital on the stock exchange, while exercising social responsibility and ethical values. You evaluate innovation projects from the financial perspective, in order to generate sustainable value offers.
If you're interested in understanding the world of investments, detecting business opportunities, creating and managing your own company, using technology and providing solutions based on analysis, this program is for you.


Graduate profile

After graduating from this program you will be an expert in investments and securing financing; you can start up your own company and offer consulting services to businesses that need to invest their resources, evaluate their investments, and obtain financing. You can work in financial corporations, the stock market, public and private companies, and starting up new businesses. You can provide consulting services that improve the practices of brokerage and consulting firms. You will know how to select stocks and bonds that generate earnings for shareholders and promote community development.
You develop financial and business strategies that promote development and value creation in organizations.


Projects of Professional Application (PAP)

The Projects of Professional Application are projects of entail with the society, proposed by the ITESO and chords to the study plan of your academic program, across which you collaborate with other students and can apply your knowledge or competitions partner - professional in a actual scene with external addressees to the university, already be communities or institutions, to raise solutions that improve the quality of life of others and reaffirm the social commitment of your profession.


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