Educational Sciences

Mixed modality.
(RVOE) as set forth by Ministerial Agreement No. 15018, published in the Official Journal of the Federation on November 29, 1976.

Your program

In Educational Sciences you study the way people learn, interact and establish relationships. You understand the dynamics that occur in organizations in order to generate proposals for change. You acquire tools to develop projects, programs, and educational models that promote people's development. You think about the challenges that education faces and you learn to generate citizens' alternatives that improve harmonious social interaction and the common good. You approach educational processes from the several sciences that study and analyze them.
If you're interested in working with people, groups, and organizations to build learning; in creating new ways to relate and interact, this program is for you.


Graduate profile

As an Educational Sciences graduate you will be capable of facilitating and supporting educational processes with people, groups and organizations. You will know how to design and manage innovative learning proposals, evaluate learning efforts, and research all of these learning practices. You can work in civil society organizations, companies, educational institutions, cultural centers, museums, public institutions, research centers, foundations, or any other institution related to knowledge and culture creation and dissemination; as well as places where there are groups who want to organize and do something for their community or promote learning among themselves.


Professional Application Projects (PAP)

Projects of Professional Application The Projects of Professional Application are projects of entail with the society, proposed by the ITESO and chords to the study plan of your academic program, across which you collaborate with other students and can apply your knowledge or competitions partner - professional in a actual scene with external addressees to the university, already be communities or institutions, to raise solutions that improve the quality of life of others and reaffirm the social commitment of your profession.

Mtra. Maelvi Lizette Muñoz Álvarez
Tel. 33 3669 3434, ext. 3652
Hacia una educación intercultural y comunitaria.

Ana Lilia, por una educación intercultural y comunitaria.

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