Business Administration and Entrepreneurship

Mixed modality.
(RVOE) as set forth by Ministerial Agreement No. 15018, published in the Official Journal of the Federation on November 29, 1976.

Your program

In Business Administration and Entrepreneurship you learn to create and develop your own business. You promote the competitive growth of local, national or international organizations by implementing an innovative, sustainable, committed and global vision. You acquire skills to enhance companies' value offer and resources. You develop strategic thinking and management skills in order to generate creative solutions to problems within your environment that positively impact the context in which your company operates.
If you're interested in entrepreneurship, innovation and solving new challenges using your creativity and leadership with an ethical and sustainable worldview, this program is for you.


Graduate Profile

After graduating from this program, you can start your own company; identify business opportunities; direct, manage and operate organizations using a strategic approach to growth with global vision. You can optimize the value offer and resources of public or private organizations, or work for chambers, foundations or other outreach organizations. You can diagnose situations and provide consulting services that promote the growth and endurance of small companies or multinational corporations. With this undergraduate degree you can study a graduate program anywhere in the world.


Projects of Professional Application (PAP)

The Projects of Professional Application are projects of entail with the society, proposed by the ITESO and chords to the study plan of your academic program, across which you collaborate with other students and can apply your knowledge or competitions partner - professional in a actual scene with external addressees to the university, already be communities or institutions, to raise solutions that improve the quality of life of others and reaffirm the social commitment of your profession.


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