Civil Engineering

Classroom modality.
(RVOE) as set forth by Ministerial Agreement No. 15018, published in the Official Journal of the Federation on November 29, 1976.

Your program

In Civil Engineering you learn to execute safe, economical and functional constructions that help to improve the quality of life of the general population. You prepare yourself as a professional who can direct infrastructure projects according to international standards, fully aware of the demands of territorial management and environmental safeguards, to drive the country's development. You acquire knowledge that you can apply to innovate structures or generate interdisciplinary proposals to meet society's needs.
Our mission is to form professionals who are capable of executing infrastructure works and constructions that meet the needs of the population's social and economic development, with an awareness of their impact on society and the environment. If you're interested in construction, urban planning, structural design and habitat project management, and you have aptitude for the physical sciences and mathematics, this program is for you.


Graduate profile

After graduating from Civil Engineering, you can open your own construction company or develop projects as an independent consultant. You can join teams engaged in the direction, projection or administration of construction projects in the public or private sector. You can form new professionals as a teacher, contribute to research in educational institutions, or pursue your own formation by undertaking graduate studies anywhere in the world.



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